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The Story:

Hello all. My name is Michael Spalt. I was formally known as "89gtfivoh" on websites such as, and But I have since moved onto a 1992 LX Coupe, and am called, "BLOWNFIVOH". I live in NEW ORLEANS,LA,and I am a Mustang lover. My love for these cars started when I was in High School. I saw a green 1987-93 GT model come flying around a U-Turn and stomp on the gas. The sound of the V-8 was enough to make me want one. The best part of it all is that I was at my full time summer job, detailing cars, I was detailing a Corvette and I was telling the guy how much I liked his car. When the Mustang came around the U-Turn, he said, "yeah, but you see that car(referring to the Mustang), its very light and has a lot of horsepower." Hearing that come out of a Corvettes owners mouth was enough to make me get one. Well when I got out of college and made enough money, I don't know why I did not get one right away. I settled for a 1987 Acura Integra(fun little car), then I got a 1992 Ford Explorer(I still have it to this day). Then back in Feb. of 1997 I joined a cover band, I went to the bassist house and saw his 1988 LX convertible, well we ended up going street racing that night, and I was hooked. Six months later and a lot of aggravating my wife, she sold her Nissan Sentra so I could buy a 1989 GT. I had a hard time finding a Mustang, she liked the GTs and so did I. I was at work while she drove around looking for one. She found one at a CHEVY dealership. Well, needless to say, I saved it from that horror. Two and a half years go by with that 1989 GT, and I had a blast. I began to get hooked on mods and go fast parts, and fixing up the Mustang. It came time for me to take a big step. I was ready for a Supercharger. I was ready to go kick some bowtie butt. Strange thing is that my friend was selling his 1992 LX Coupe. It had all the bolt-ons I wanted, plus it was in immaculate shape. I loved my 1989 GT, but when my wife gave me the okay to sell my car to get the 1992 Coupe, I couldn't resist. So here we are...Take a look around, and feel free to ask questions. If you want to see my old site with my Mustang, go check it out here. To read more about me, click HERE.

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