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Happy Birthday to me! I turned 27 today. Guess what I got for my birthday? A Edelbrock Performer 5.0 intake! It will go on the car in a few weeks. I bought it used, so it needs new bolts, gaskets. It will need some fixing up in the looks dept...I can't decide if I want to strip it down and polish(of course its what I want, but thats a lot of work), or repaint it. Or spend the cash and have it powdercoated....

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9/18/01 Update

I changed my format of updating, they will now appear on one page starting now and in the future. I had a funny spell with the car. I had gotten on the gas, coasted to a red light, and my oil pressure gauge went to 0(the stock one). I got it home, checked it out. Had no signs of low oil pressure(tapping, etc). Put a mechanical gauge on it, and it was 7-9 PSI when hot and idle, but was at 40 or 50 while cruising. I kinda let the car sit, and drove it easy. I was VERY close to trading or selling my car, but couldnt do it. Then I decided it was time to get in it again. My oil pressure started showing 17-19 psi when hot, and a few more days of ragging on it got me 35-40 psi hot idle.

So the car is running great, Im gonna buy a EGT gauge so I can really see what tuning does to the car rather than the butt-o-meter.

Its also almost the season in which I like to start racing the car and autocrossing it(much cooler outside in the fall and winter).

Hopefully for my birthday my wife will get me a cobra intake or something along those lines so I can get deep into the 12s...but for now, Im pretty happy with the car. Especially commuting in it over 280 miles a week! The gas mileage has not changed since the blower install...okay...maybe a bit, but its only cause Im hitting the gas pretty hard more often. Im getting 19-20 MPG lately. The Kumho tires are great, I love them as well. The Nittos are holding up very well too.

No new pictures for this update. I need to shine that discharge tube more before the next car show. Oh, I did order a oil feed line for the vortech since my other was damaged.

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