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This Details Installation of my Autometer 2 5/8 Boost Gauge.

First thing to do is to put the Pod up on the A pillar to see exactly where you want it. Use something to mark where you want it(I used a piece of tape.

Next, remove the A-Pillar. Remove the screws on the A pillar, Remove the screws on the speaker grill and remove the grill.

Next I just pulled on the trim pannel that runs over the door to remove so I could get the A pillar out.

I then began by drilling a enlarging a hold in the A pillar so the lines to the boost gauge could run through. The hole only needs to be a 1/2"

I then drilled holes for the push screws supplied with the Autometer gauge pod and went ahead and mounted the pod(but not the gauge).

Next I ran the boost tubing into the engine bay from the interior. I used the hole that is in the very back drivers side corner of the engine bay(see pic below). I also ran 12+ and - to the A pillar area..

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I just taped into the fuse pannel where the fuse for the lights are so that the light on the gauge comes on only with the lights. (note, it was the only 5 amp fuse on the fuse box if that helps you find it quickly). I just grounded the other wire at a sutible ground right by the fuse box(See pic)

I then re installed the A pillar pod, Speaker Grill, and the trim. I made sure I ran the wires and tubing into the A pillar pod before installing the screws to hold the trim and speaker grill.

I hooked up 12V + and - and the boost tubing to the boost gauge.

On the engine side of the boost tubing, I used a 5/16" T fitting and tapped into the S/C vaccum hose. I cut about 1"(use your own judgement on how much you need and can get away with) off the end of the S/C stock vaccum hose so I could hook the Boost tubing to the T. But it was okay that I cut, because the T makes up for that loss(See Pic).

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All Done!

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