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I just bought everything tonight(8/10/00)

Soon to be installed and custom fit..

Pics to come of install..for now here is the materials I bought..

A whopping 36$ for all of this!

Check back soon for updates and more pics!

UPDATE 8/17/00

I cut out part of the fenderwell to make room for the pipe. It looks like I wont be able to use some of the stuff I bought to make it. Im going to have to get two 45 Degree 3.5" pipes to snake it into the fenderwell. Currently I am running the stock flex pipe(that comes with the Vortech Kit)to the MAF to the filter. However, Instead of the filter sitting in the engine bay, It now is completely in the fenderwell. And thats with no extra parts needing to be bought, or extending the MAF harness. All you must do is cut out part of the fenderwell(Pics to follow). Keep checking back to see my progress with this!

3to3rubberheadon.jpg (55258 bytes) 3" Rubber Hose Coupler

3to3rubberside.jpg (49122 bytes) 3" Rubber Hose Coupler(side shot)

3to4rubberside.jpg (50547 bytes) 3" to 4" Rubber Hose Coupler

3to4rubberuncut.jpg (57286 bytes) 3" to 4" Rubber Hose Coupler(uncut..more info on that when I install it)

assemb1.jpg (46224 bytes) Partial Assembly pt 1

assemb2.jpg (47754 bytes) Partial Assembly pt 2

assemb3.jpg (53069 bytes) Partial Assembly pt 3

chrometube.jpg (48171 bytes) Chrome Tailpipe to be used

pvc4to3angleridge.jpg (50124 bytes) 4" to 3" PVC Coupler

pvc4to3side.jpg (48610 bytes) 4" to 3" PVC Coupler(side shot)

pvc90andrubber4to3.jpg (47871 bytes) 90 Degree PVC 4" attached to the 4" to 3" Rubber Hose Coupler

stock3inchcoupler.jpg (49542 bytes) The Stock Coupler that attaches the Mass Air Unit to the stock airbox.