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Attention! Most videos do not work due to the host site that served the videos was shut down. I am currently looking for a site to host videos and the entire site that can handle the file space and not cost me a ton every year.

1/21/01 Autocross(Out of Car..thanks Chris for the camera work!) HERE and HERE(6MB Each)

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12/10/00 12.8 at 108 Incar HERE

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Another autocross HERE(5.2 MB)

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In car film of me at an autocross complete with a spin! HERE (4 MB)
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View me running my first 13.0 Pass against a LT1 Camaro..HERE

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Recorded from inside the car 1st 2nd and 3rd gear runs(audio only)...HERE

Heres the Video Version of that same run...HERE

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Ever wondered what a vortech sounds like with the hood open, closed and inside the car? Well, here ya go HERE

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