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Stock FMS 302 cu. in 5.0L Block/Heads/Intake, etc...


Vortech S-trim Supercharger

30lb. Injectors (just upgraded from 24lb inj and 8:1 FMU)-11/26/00 Just recieved my FMU recalibration kit and bleeder screw from Johnson Motorsports.  6:1 FMU.

73mm C & L Mass Air Sensor with 30lb cal. flow tube

Vortech T-Rex External Fuel Pump

Walbro 190 In-Tank Pump


Baer 4 wheel disk brake system with cross-drilled rotors(Front:12" Rotors, 2 Piston Calipers/Rear:11.25" Rotors. 1 Piston Calipers)


3.55 Gears

Aluminum Driveshaft

King Cobra Clutch

Potenza S-02 225/55-16 tires on White 5 stars

Pro 5.0 Shifter

SSM Lift Bars

Subframe Connectors

Formula GP Rear Shocks

99 GT factory Struts(NEW)

Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs(NEW)


1 5/8" MAC  Headers

2 1/2" Off Road H-Pipe

Welded In 2 Chamber Flowmasters


Forte Adjustable Clutch Quadrant

Autometer Phantom 2 5/8 Boost Gauge Mouted in A-Pillar Pod and Fuel Pressure Gauge mounted on the cowl. (Pictures HERE)

Carbon Fiber Door Inserts from DJ'S Mustang Mods (Picture HERE)

Custom License Plate Frame "STROKED IS GOOD, BLOWN IS BETTER" Decals done by MUSTANGWORLD.COM (Picture HERE)

Saleen Aluminum Pedals(Picture HERE)

Clear Corner lights from DJ'S Mustang Mods (Picture's HERE)

White Faced Gauges from DJ'S Mustang Mods (Picture HERE)


Stock Coil/Distributor

Vortech BTM

FMS 9mm Plug Wires

Autolite 23's Gapped to .040


Base Timing:11 Deg BTDC

BTM: 1/4


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Image Created By:Brian Wowak of High Octane Design