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Comparison of Stock Springs and Eibach Pro Kit springs


Isolators used on springs. No coils cut. I also installed some 99GT struts I got about 2 years ago to replace my stock struts.


IMAGE001.jpg (56040 bytes)

FRONTS BEFORE measurement

IMAGE002.jpg (54780 bytes)

REAR BEFORE measurement



IMAGE003.jpg (51132 bytes)

This is a Pep Boys off the shelf special 1/2" to 3/8" adapter I used during the job. Between it was a Craftsman 1/2" socket wrench and a Craftsman see who won huh?

IMAGE005 copy.jpg (262628 bytes)

After Pic

IMAGE006 copy.jpg (251074 bytes)

Another after pic


Now the car rides at 26" in front and back. Thats 1.1" down in front from stock and .7" down in rear. Note thats just with a few hours of sitting. Only driving was just around the block.

Some helpful hints about installing these springs:

Front:remove sway bar upper link while car is still on the ground. You will need either 2 pry bars to get the front springs in or a spring compressor. If you use the pry bars, secure the bottom of the spring to the A arm(if you use the "drop the outter portion of the A arm" technique)with a hose clamp. When you try to pry the top portion in(because of the angle) the bottom will slip out.

Also remove the outter tie rod end before trying to undo the 2 caliper bolts. It allows you to swing the spindle out to gain easier access to the bolts and get more leverage.

The 2 bolts holding the lower shock on the spindle are  a bitch to get off. I had to use a lighter to heat up the nut to losen. Thats when I broke that adapter.

The fronts took me 4 1/2 total to do...3 hours the first side, 1 1/2 on the second. Most of the time was spent prying the springs in.


For the Rears:

Just remove the quad shocks, the lower main shock bolt on both sides. Support the car ahead of the lower control arm mounts and let the rear drop. Use a bottle jack between the axle and the body to push the axle down on the side you are doing and get the spring easy out and in.