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~ce0.jpg (200369 bytes)

Tony is a pervert...its true..   

~ce1.jpg (196733 bytes)

Tony is also a freakydeak..

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Tony went in me! heh

~ce11.jpg (207490 bytes)

DJ and Tony goofin...ofcourse intoxicated!

~ce12.jpg (183118 bytes)

Took this pic for Tonys wife

~ce5.jpg (199513 bytes)

Well, you figure out what to do with these

~ce6.jpg (184583 bytes)

Blurry pic of my wife, Tony, DJ

~ce7.jpg (199188 bytes)

My wife, and Tony

~ce9.jpg (309065 bytes)

The french quarter

~ce14.jpg (167902 bytes)

Yup, a V6 with the full saleen ground effects!!!

~ce15.jpg (175925 bytes)

Heres another shot..

Tony waited till the guy came out..asked the guy if "you have a big engine in there or are you gonna keep perpetrating?"

haha :D