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SCCoLA shows SCCA how its done.. 11/12/00

~ce13.jpg (175044 bytes)

All of the cars in the picture were from SCCoLA...big turnout..

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~ce15.jpg (182688 bytes)

Thats right all of them in the picture..including a few you cant see

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James looks on while John just took 4 sec's off his lap time with "the mod"

~ce17.jpg (61954 bytes)

Getting Roberts car ready

~ce18.jpg (58655 bytes)

Darren's car getting ready

~ce19.jpg (61548 bytes)

All SCCoLA baby!

~ce20.jpg (185587 bytes)

John taking a turn(way back there)

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Another one

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Jennifer's new Notch

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Waiting for a run with Hank behind me

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