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Do you have the symptoms?

Flashing check engine light on light to moderate acceleration after the car has warmed up?

Mostlikely its your EGR valve. Its probably dirty.

My car needs it cleaned every 6 months on the dot.

Yes, you can buy another one. Pretty cheap too. About 35$. But Im sure it will get dirty too. A 3$ can of some throttle body cleaner will do just fine.

This is a very easy job.

This first picture shows the EGR valve. Its the object attached to the EGR spacer(the part that goes between the throttle body and the intake).

The EGR valve is made of metal, and the plastic piece attached is the EGR Valve Position Sensor, or commonly refered to as EVP.

~ce2.jpg (59099 bytes)

First step is to remove the top bolt from the EGR. Use a 1/2" closed end wrench.

~ce3.jpg (58103 bytes)

Next, remove the vacuum hose off the EGR Valve.

~ce4.jpg (58208 bytes)

Next, you must remove the electrical connector off of the EVP. Its a tough bugger cause there is little room to get it off, but it must come off the get the bottom bolt.

~ce5.jpg (59784 bytes)

Next I used a 9/16" socket(yeah, its a different size than the top), with a small extension. It must be a deep socket.

On my setup, I must guide the socket inbetween the coolant hose for the EGR and the EGR Valve.

~ce6.jpg (62297 bytes)

Once the nuts are off, the vacuum line off, and the electrical connector is off, you can slide the valve off the bolts. Becareful with the gasket.

~ce7.jpg (57090 bytes)

Here is a picture of the gasket. You can leave it on there provided its in decent shape.

~ce8.jpg (62597 bytes)

For cleaning, I use Valvolines Synthetic Throttle body cleaner. I use a small nut driver to push the plunger up and down while spraying in that hole. Also spray into the open hole as well. Dont be stingy with the spray. Soak it down good! Infact, I like to fill them up with the cleaner, and move the plunger up and down. Then I hold it upside down and spray up in there to flush it all out.

~ce9.jpg (58360 bytes)

Well, thats it. Put it back together(after it doesnt take long)and enjoy check engine light free driving! I dont reset the computer when doing this job.


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