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ce0.jpg (207596 bytes) My 92 Coupe(12.85 at 108 1.806 60ft :D)

ce1.jpg (169461 bytes) Nice Launch

ce2.jpg (173340 bytes)

ce3.jpg (200212 bytes) WHOA!! The tires wrinkled when I launched!!!!!

ce4.jpg (181524 bytes) Lotsa Mustangs, Lightnings, F bodies out there..

ce5.jpg (188120 bytes)

ce6.jpg (203894 bytes) Joe T's GT

ce7.jpg (191623 bytes) I really like the coupes with the Cobra Rs..Hey Joe T...wanna swap?

ce8.jpg (195701 bytes) Joe M

ce9.jpg (195120 bytes) "I dont run no stinking NITROUS!!"

ce10.jpg (206266 bytes) Toyota MR2..doesnt Roberts car look kickass with the new rims??