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Preparing for the new vortech:

Since my old unit was in satin and the new in polished, I have to get the discharge tube to match. I only spent 2 hours here getting like this, and if I need to I will get it even smoother to match the vortech.

First the original pipe:

IMAGE001.jpg (60564 bytes)

Next is after using 150 grit and then 440:

IMAGE004.jpg (60736 bytes)

Next, I used some 600, then hit the pipe with some 3M 1500 grit polish on a buffing pad:

IMAGE009.jpg (63812 bytes)

IMAGE010.jpg (62996 bytes)

Hopefully this will do the trick...I may eventually get it chrome dipped or maybe just buy a powerpipe/discharge tube polished combo..

Here are pics of what I used:

IMAGE013.jpg (59424 bytes)

A 3M drill attachment with a foam pad on it.

IMAGE014.jpg (57408 bytes)

3M's Body Repair Rubbing Compound Fine Cut